Political Programme

Below you will find our political programme. The programme is revised every year at the national general assembly. All policies are accepted by the participants of the national general assembly.
The programme was updated April 2019.

European Parliament Elections

European Youth highlighting the issue related to the low participation of Danish citizens in the European Parliament elections and stressing the importance of democratic participation in decision-making, aims to increase voter participation through awareness raising campaigns. We call upon the political institutions and other actors in the society to elevate the importance of European Parliament elections, in order to secure an increase in voter participation and democratic legitimacy.

European Youth is concerned with the insufficient European Parliament elections coverage in the national media and therefore believes it is one of the main reasons for low voter participation. We call upon the national media to give more exposure to the European level of our democracy, in order for the Danish citizens to be able to make an informed choice.

European Youth is aware that a sizable part of the population feels detached from the European institutions and are unable to understand the technical language used in communication. We therefore call upon the European institutions to use everyday language in their communication, so that every citizen, regardless of background, can understand and follow their activity.

European Youth deplores the quality of the debates around the European issues between the Danish politicians, and calls upon the Danish political parties to train their debaters with all the facts and information necessary to have a proper debate.

European Youth urges the Danish national parties to use the European Parliament as a platform for solutions, regarding issues of European nature, instead of campaigning for a national agenda during elections to the European parliament. In addition, we urge the national Danish parties to be honest about the political results that originate from the European Union and not take these victories for granted, nor frame these results as national political craftsmanship, but rather international agreement and a willingness to compromise for the betterment of the union and its member states.

Tax Evasion

European Youth is deeply worried with the issue of tax evasion and its negative effects on society, in addition to its effects on a fair market competition. We call upon the European Union to develop a plan to internationally combat the extensive issue of tax evasion. Member state countries should not be allowed to make deals with other countries or multinational companies that effectively evade taxation from other EU member states. Since multinational companies evading taxes clearly is a cross boarder issues, this issue should be handled at the European level and not at a national level. Multinational issues, by nature, require multinational solutions, which only the European Union is equipped to handle in Europe.

Additionally, European Youth calls for sanctions and foreign aid reductions aimed towards states that refuse to cooperate or actively deter EU efforts against tax evasion.

European Youth believes that European Union must consider sustainable economic development that secures a fair share of wealth. We argue the solution can be found in creating a common basis for taxation for multinational companies, which will put an end to the fiscal competition among states within the Union. The European Union needs to guarantee an elevated level of transparency across Europe and create a global standard for the automatic exchange of information.

As a result, on the reforms taking place within the European Union, we will push forward that the EU takes a strong stand against tax evasion in third countries. The European Union must act as a global actor in securing a fair taxation system and elimination of tax evasion. Transparency in taxes must be secured for all, creating a higher level of trust and solidarity among the citizens. Only a strong European Union can make this a reality, whereas the member states individually not do nothing to effectively combat issues related to tax evasion.

Promoting a Sustainable European Labour Market

European Youth supports European Union in continuing to secure the freedom of movement for workers. In practice, we argue for common minimal standards across EU-member states must be set to avoid social dumping and convergence of social rights at the lowest common denominator. European member states must come together and establish an ambitious mobility plan that endorses social rights across countries, as well as securing the implementation of already existing initiatives. No worker must ever experience fewer rights than a citizen of another European Union member state. European Union must create common minimal standards for all, without compromising the minimum wages and/or collective agreements in each member state.

A Europe with Gender Equality

European Youth supports the elimination of structural differences between genders in Europe. We encourage European Union to take on a new European approach to increase women’s participation in the labour market while eliminating the gender pay gap. European Union shall secure equal opportunities and equal pay for the same work in all occupations.

European Youth believes that European Union shall secure a work/life balance at all workplaces and across sectors. We argue this will only occur if European Union works towards ensuring that all member states implement equal parental leave rights with no discrimination.

European Union must secure an increase of equality between women and men in decision-making processes. The European Union shall seek to improve the gender balance in political decision-making and continue to encourage activities promoting gender balance in political and public decision-making positions.

Trade policies

European Youth is viewing with deep concern the political developments in the world that can potentially affect the single market. We take a stand against protectionism, as it is important for the health of the European economy that the trade flows remain open.

Temporary Border Controls

European Youth reiterates its opposition to temporary border controls and its deep support for the freedom of mobility of workers, goods and services. We believe that companies and citizens are losing wealth each day the temporary border controls are still in place, and we strongly advocate for their immediate removal.

Digital Single Market

European Youth supports the implementation of Digital Single Market, and the creation of the fifth freedom in the single market in regards to digital and online properties. We believe that this will create more competition and more cross-border trade of services and goods, with positive effects over the European economy.

British exit of the European Union

European Youth stresses the importance of the trade between United Kingdom and European Union, and calls upon the British government to accept freedom of movement in order to have access to the single market. We consider the four freedoms to be quintessential to the existence of the European Union and therefore compromise shall not be made upon them.

Border between Northern-Ireland and Ireland

European Youth supports no hard border on the island of Ireland with accordance to the Good Friday peace agreement. Peace on Ireland is very important to both the EU, the people of UK & Ireland. Preventing terrorism and preserving peace in Europe are fundamental pillars on which the EU is founded. No physical checks or infrastructure are fundamental to this on the island of Ireland and as such must be avoided. European Youth supports the backstop, both proposed by Michel Barnier and the backstop negotiated as part of the UK-EU negotiations. If the deal, and thereby the backstop, is rejected, it is 27 fundamental to find an alternative immediately to preserve the peace and the Good Friday agreement.

Free Trade Agreements

European Youth supports the free trade agreement between the EU and Canada, CETA, and reiterates the importance of the European Union opening up to other markets and increasing trade. We commend the elimination of VISA’s towards Canada for all the European Union member states.

European Youth support the free trade agreement between EU and USA, TTIP, and reiterates the importance of free flows on the global market. We are concerned with the new leadership of USA, and their opinion of free trade, and therefore have little hope for the agreement to actually become a reality. However, in case the negotiations go further, European Union shall ensure that the free trade agreement follows European standards and constrain USA to comply.

European Youth further acknowledges the need to uphold EU standards while engaging in trade as well as complying with EU values in the negotiation to ensure treaties of outmost quality.

A Federal Europe

Viewing the rise of populism and the recent developments in regards to the refugee crisis, military threats, and economic crisis as a direct threat to European solidarity, European Youth calls upon member states for greater cooperation. We deeply believe that only by working together, developing progressive and sustainable solutions the European project can withstand the challenges. European Youth reiterates its conviction that the creation of European Federation should be next step in the European integration.

European Youth calls therefore upon Danish and European politicians to reorganize the EU into a federal democracy in which citizen can trust due to the policy being a direct result of democratic formed majorities in the European Parliament.

We therefore ask for:
· A strengthening of the European Parliament, by giving the members of the parliament the right to perform legislation on their own, by submitting law proposals in the parliament.
· To retract the right of the EU commission to submit law proposals on its own, and limit the EU commission to administrate and control already passed laws.
· To recruit EU decision makers – commissioners – out of a formed coalition in the European Parliament, without a majority in parliament against it. Commissioners will be thereby as parliamentarians able to submit laws.

These changes will result in the EUs decision makers in the EU commission being directly elected members of the European Parliament, ensuring that each law is rooted to an elected representative and that dissatisfaction with the application of laws in the EU can be expressed at the ballot box. The council of ministers – the member states legislative chamber – keeps it current role, and can beside the parliament submit laws and EU law proposals will continue to require the councils consent.

Such a reorganisation of EU parliament will recreate trust in the union. This will be the case because on one hand the citizen deeply unhappy with the way politics is decided in the union gain a chain of command alike the national one, and on the other hand the citizen dissatisfied with EU policy will gain influence in it. Also, EU policy being rooted in democratic majorities from proposal to application is an intrinsically admirable good.

Common Security Policy

European Youth is concerned with the security situation around Europe which has worsened significantly in recent years, due to challenges such as terrorism, hybrid threats or cyber and energy insecurity, which no country can adequately handle alone. Therefore, we advocate for a higher European military cooperation.

Security threats used to be internal and the single market solved the problem thereof. Now that the security threats are coming from outside of the Union, there is a need for the Union to come together in terms of security policy. This is another reason why European Youth is in favour of a closer cooperation within the field of security policy. Furthermore, the European Youth prefers for the Danish opt-outs on CSDP to be abolished.

European Youth calls upon the president of USA to stop its support for movements that wish the break-up of the European Union, as we consider USA to be an important and historical partner of the European Union and therefore it would not be in the best interest of our alliance.

European Youth viewing the current situation, with USA electing an anti-European president, and Russia continuously looming over our Eastern states, and being aware of the need for the European Union to not be caught unprepared, is advocating for a strong Security Union, which includes a strong United Army.

European Youth welcomes the establishment of the European Border and Coast Guard, and advocates for its further development, towards moving all national border and coast guards, at the external borders of the European Union.

European Youth doesn’t recognize the need of borders between member’s states of the European Union, and strongly argues against wasting resources on them. However, European Youth considers the external borders to be of utmost importance and therefore should be well protected.

European Youth is deeply concerned with the current situation concerning the role of the Danish police in EUROPOL and does not find the current arrangement satisfactory. European Youth therefore calls for a complete abolishment of the Danish opt-out on justice and home affairs, so that Denmark can become a fully functioning member of EUROPOL and contribute on all accounts, in the fight against international crime and terrorism.

European Youth welcomes the establishment of the European Counter Terrorism Centre, and advocates for the transfer of resources from national programmes against terrorism to the European Counter Terrorism Centre for more efficiency and better management, that shall yield better results in preventing terrorism.

Energy Union and Climate Action

European Youth deeply supports the establishment of the European Energy Union, which will result in furthered energy independence, a higher percentage of renewable energy used, increased energy efficiency and decreased cost for European citizens.

European Youth Denmark praises the ongoing progress towards 100% renewable energy use through the implementation of the European Energy Union and proposes a unified waste treatment strategy through the establishment of a possible Waste Treatment Union, towards an efficient circular economy.

European Youth demands that the Danish government, swiftly approves the European Energy Union, as it is in the interest of both citizens and government. As part of a European Energy Union, Denmark will be able to achieve 100% renewable energy, with a fully decarbonised society.

European Youth views the establishment of the European Energy Union as a great solution towards reducing unemployment and saving our planet.

European Youth considers the future of our planet to be of utmost importance, and therefore strongly demands from the European Union more ambitious goals in this matter. We consider that the greenhouse gas emissions shall be cut by 50% until 2025, instead of 20% until 2020. We also consider that the share of renewable energy shall be over 50% until 2025, instead of 27% until 2030. Climate-related expenditure shall comprise more than 40% of the EU budget as it is the greatest challenge of our generation.

European Youth believes that the future generations have the right to live on a green clean planet, with a stable climate, and that this right shall become enshrined in the human rights conventions.

European Youth supports low-emissions mobility, and therefore strongly supports driverless cars, car sharing and other similar models, electric cars and magnetic-based public transport.

European Youth encourages the Danish government to take radical measures to ensure the transition to low-emissions mobility happens swiftly and smoothly.

European Youth commends Denmark for their strong interest in developing green technology, and therefore encourages other states of the Union to follow example.

European Youth Denmark recognizes that the challenges facing our climate extend beyond that of emissions. Consumption and use of products that contain plastic, toxic chemicals, non-biodegradable materials and other similar pollutants are an enormous risk to health of our planet and all living creatures. We challenge the European Union and its member states to be proactive in developing solutions that combat these issues and broad and collaborative level. We also support the development of a common climate criteria, whereby all member states of the European Union, both current and prospective, are obliged to meet minimum environmental standards. For example, regulating the amount of nonbiodegradable plastic consumption. European Youth Denmark supports the rights of member states to introduce legislation that places fees and taxes on certain industries and activities that contribute to green-house gases, for example commercial airlines. However, we believe that any income driven by these fees should be invested in initiatives and projects from the public and private sectors to develop greener alternatives. Moreover, 33 that these fees should be reasonable in relation to the personal expenses of average citizens


European Youth Denmark support Young European Movement United Kingdom and their endeavor to keep Scotland in the European Union

Give power to the Parliament – the representatives of the people

In the EU, the most important decisions are primarily negotiated by the Council of Ministers.

Instead of being taken by the European Parliament, negotiating and voting takes place behind closed doors. An individual’s possibility to influence the political direction of the EU is therefore limited. In addition, the very complex EU institutional structure, which is not easilyunderstood, has a negative impact on the Europeans’ interest in the integration project. To automatically publish the voting results in the Council of Ministers would partially solve the problem and be a good start.

To solve this, the use of “classified” documents on voting results and the process leading up to it should be limited, where it is today the default option, resulting in a closed and non-transparent institution. In the long term, however, the solution must be a more powerful European Parliament. The Parliament should have the right of initiative that gives more power to the people’s representatives and enables them to realize the ideas that they were elected for. The Commission and European Parliament should therefore have equal right of initiative for proposing European legislation. A proposal should go from the Commission to the Parliament, or vice versa, and then to the Council of Ministers, whereas currently both the Parliament and the Council of Ministers must vote in favor of a proposal to get it carried through.

A stronger European Parliament would also increase the media’s coverage of European issues and thereby broaden the public engagement in common affairs.

On secret ballot voting in the European parliament

The Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament (Title 6, Chapter 5, Rule 169, Sections 2 and 3) allow for secret ballot voting (anonymous voting) when requested by at least 20 percent of the MEP’s; 53. Secret ballot voting has been used frequently in the past, especially for more controversial proposals like the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).

We believe in the ability for citizens to track the voting history of their representatives as a fundamental part of a representative democratic system. Secret ballot voting increases the influence of special interest lobby organizations, as MEP’s might vote without considering the views of their electorate. Secret ballot voting is only an acceptable procedure when votes are cast on the appointment of persons for specific functions and thus a European Parliament without secret ballot voting on all other proposals will improve transparency and democracy. We thus call upon the European Parliament in general to specifically pledge for a removal of secret ballot voting from the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament.

European Youth supports the notion of discontinuing the EU-Parliament in Strasbourg, France

Each month the entirety of the members of the EU parliament and their advisors travel to Strasbourg to attend parliamentary duties. This leads to a significant increase in bureaucracy and transport. A study by the EU parliament shows that €103 million could be saved annually by discontinuing migration between Brussels and Strasbourg. European Youth acknowledges the fact, that discontinuing the EU parliament in Strasbourg requires an amendment to the Treaty of the European Union, which then requires unanimity among all EU member states.

In sum, European Youth supports the notion of discontinuing the EU parliament in Strasbourg.

We call for transnational election lists

European Youth Denmark recognizes the need to further develop the European democracy. We call for transnational election lists. We as European should have the right to vote for any candidate no matter the candidates nationality. This will strengthen the European democratic platform, and force decision makers to present real European political solutions to solve the problems Europe is facing. This will enable EU citizens and media to be more involved in our European democracy. As EU citizens we feel represented just as well by a Swede as a German. we do not think political representation is limited to geographic borders, but to political and ideological beliefs. We are furthermore convinced that national elected members of parliament is still important in order to secure that all corners of Europe is represented in our European democracy.

A Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base

European Youth believes that European Union must consider sustainable economic development that secures a fair share of wealth. We argue the solution can be found in creating a common code for taxation for multinational companies, which will put an end to the fiscal competition among states within the Union. The European Union needs to guarantee an elevated level of transparency across Europe and create a global standard for the automatic exchange of information.

This can be achieved by pushing forward with the implementation of the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base proposal, which will streamline the rules for how corporations calculate their EU taxes, as well as eliminate internal taxation arbitrage. The European Union needs to guarantee an elevated level of transparency across Europe and create a global standard for the automatic exchange of information.

The Copenhagen Criteria must be met – also after joining the union

The Copenhagen Criteria serve a powerful and important function. They surround the foundation of our values and should always be the least acceptable standard for membership of the European Union, not a checklist you can cross off to become a member.
Sadly, in recent years, we have seen a slow decline in several countries in relation to their fulfillment of the criteria. European Youth thus calls upon the European institutions to help ensure that every single member state upholds the criteria continuously and that they are not ignored after membership of our political union is obtained.

Keep and strengthen the Erasmus program

Cross-border exchange enriches us all. No program in the EU serves this function better than the Erasmus program and few programs have been as successful and popular. European Youth thus calls for a strengthening financially of the program and point to the importance that the program is not cut, as it exemplifies the very best our union has to offer.

Reverse Brexit – in time

The UK’s decision to leave the EU is the consequence of several decades of willful misinformation by the British political class. The British have been instrumental in advancing EU legislation in many areas, especially within finance, but their efforts in private have not matched the public utterings of their politicians and their consistent blocking of necessary european reforms, eg. PESCO.

An eventual attempt by Britain to rescind Article 50 should therefore only be permitted provided that their unique membership privileges and rebates are renegotiated. Every member state should be treated equally. Should the British wish to return to the European community, after having left, it would have to be on equal footing with every other state – and as committed Europeans, not euroskeptics.

Support the European Movement in the UK

In these dark times, our British friends in the European Movement UK needs all our help. The fight for a united Europe continues and even though Brexit is a reality, it doesn’t mean that we have lost. Rather, we will rise again and continue the fight, as we are emboldened by the European Movement in the United Kingdom and their everlasting campaign. European Youth Denmark supports the European Movement in the United Kingdom in their struggle to rejoin the European Union.

No refugees – no funds

As Europe is facing a severe humanitarian crisis, it has unfortunately become clear, that not all member countries realize that they have a moral responsibility in taking part in providing asylum to the many refugees coming from Africa and Middle east. Despite numerous attempts by the Commission to find common solutions to the problem, member states have failed to take responsibility. The issue has not been resolved but only partly kept down with a bad agreement with Turkey while most of the burden of securing the external borders and dealing with asylum seekers has been left to countries such as Greece and Italy. European Youth calls upon member states, including Denmark, to take common responsibility for the common challenge of refugees and migration. This should be done by distributing refugees in a fair manner according to population size and income between member states so that no member state is left with a task they cannot handle. Member states who refuse to be a part of the distribution of refugees should be sanctioned by not receiving EU funds. We realize that the temporary ban of EU-funds to a country can have a very severe impact on its economy. However, we deem it necessary because complying with these moral obligations is in the core of the values by the EU. European Youth also urges member states, including Denmark, to work together to secure the external borders of the EU, rather than working against each other in closing internal borders, as this is harmful to the citizens and companies in the member states. European Youth strongly criticizes the agreement with Turkey which puts the human rights of refugees at risk and makes the EU dependent on a state which is increasingly unreliable and undemocratic. Instead, the EU should work for a sustainable solution to the 26 present and future challenges of refugees and migration.