European Youth Denmark is a political organization and therefore, every year, at the National General Assembly, political resolutions are adopted. They become the organizations official policy on various topics.

All members have the possibility to influence the content of the political resolutions, as we strive for the organization to be as inclusive as possible and to represent every perspective and viewpoint in relation to pro EU-policy.

Below you will find the official full process for adopting resolutions.

  1. The resolution must have a title and a seperate chapter explaining its content, often in the form of multiple arguments stating clearly what the intension and its purpose is.
  2. Once the content has been finalized, the full resolution with its title must be mailed to or physically handed over to the current president, who will make sure that the resolution becomes part of the agenda at the national assembly.
  3. Please notice that all resolutions must be handed in or mailed to the president at least 4 weeks before the national assembly begins. This is to make sure that every member has had time to read, review and consider the resolutions in due time.
  4. At the national assembly, the meeting conducters decide the order the resolutions will be covered in.
  5. Following a debate where the members get to pubicly state their opinions regarding the resolution in question, a simple vote is taken on whether or not to adopt the resolution at hand.
  6. If the majority votes in favor, the resolution is adopted and immediately becomes part of the political program.


If you have any questions or need help with wording, content or an idea for a resolution, never hesitate to contact the political vice president for help.