European Youth Denmark is a political organization and therefore, every year, at the National General Assembly, a political program is adopted.

All the members have the possibility to influence the content of the political program, as it needs to be as inclusive as possible, in order to represent everyone.

The following process is followed from creation to adoption of the political program

  1. The political officer organizes member meetings/debates/political laboratories in his assigned area, with the purpose to gather ideas for the Political Program
  2. The political officers meet and try to put together the ideas from all around the country into a draft Political Program
  3. The rapporteurs/ordforer’s can add resolutions into the draft Political Program
  4. The National Board is presented with the draft Political Program, and can make further input
  5. The draft Political Program, is being refined, by the Political Officer’s Unit with help from language experts
  6. The final Political Program is being presented at the National General Assembly – where present members can still make amendments to it final form. The National General Assembly votes on its final form, and adopts it.
  7. The Political Program is being implemented by the European Youth Think Tank