The role of this unit, is to implement on a local level, decisions/strategies/campaigns created on a national level. The rate of success is measured on number of debates organized, number of members that participated actively in the discussion and number of fresh ideas put up.

A political officer is elected by the local General Assembly. He/She has the right to appoint one or two deputies to help him/her in his/her duties.

The role of a political officer is of a practical nature. The political officer must ensure that the local members are discussing EU issues or policy, and must achieve that through organizing debates/member meetings/lectures.

The political officer also is responsible to deal with the local media, and therefore encourage the local members to write laeserbrev/letters to the editor about their opinions on EU issues.

The political officer is the main face in dealing with pro-EU aligned youth parties, and must therefore work in constructing a relationship with them. That relationship can be materialized through presentations about us to their local members, debates with the local leaders, or social events. It is the political officer’s responsibility to help maintain their course towards “more EU”.

Each month (starting with October), one of the political officers will create a Google Hangout on a topic of their choice and a format of their wish. The point of the Google Hangout will be to create cross-sections debate.

October – Europaeisk Ungdom Nordjylland

November – Europaeisk Ungdom Aarhus

December – Europaeisk Ungdom Kobenhavn

January – Europaeisk Ungdom Syd- & Sønderjylland

Also in October, the Political Officer Unit  organizes the “Golden Pen” and “Golden Feather” competitions, which we aim to host twice a year, on a regular basis. The point of the competitions will be to increase the number of pro EU publications in local and national media.

Members of the Political Officer’s Unit