The role of this unit, is to monitor latest changes on EU politics and policies development. The unit is formed by 10 rapporteurs / ordforer’s. The unit coordinator is Mircea Alexandru Ancateu (

Ungdomspolitik og Europæisk Integration – Matteo Giorgio Valg og valgsystemer –  Jørn Sanne-Wander
Social politik – Ledig Føderalisme – Jørn Sanne-Wander
Klima og miljø – Daniella Domsa
Europæisk identitet og medborgerskab – Martin Rubin
Udenrigs og sikkerhedspolitik – Andrea Omic
Nationalisme og euroskepsis – Ledig
Handels- og økonomi – Cansu Unalan EU-borgers rettigheder I Danmark – Paul Zoicaş


Rapporteurs are chosen based on their level of interest in the specific field and level of knowledge. The number is not fixed, and it can constrain or expand depending on needs.

Rapporteurs’ role is to keep themselves informed with the latest development in their chosen field, on a European level. They are seen as “youth experts” on the field, and therefore their opinions on the matter will be highly valued by the organization.

Each rapporteur can be invited by local sections to participate in debates (that cover their specific field), can advise the Presidency, and can participate in the public debate in our name. Each rapporteur has to sworn to keep their opinions cross-political with minimum subjectivity, while in the same time implying the direction of “A more United Europe”.

Before the National General Assembly, each rapporteur has the chance to propose a resolution for the Political Program.

Also, the rapporteurs are encouraged to write as often as possible articles in the New Federalist, or to our future blog.