Meet the new Vice President

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The presidency would like to first and foremost, say a big thank you to Nadia, who has left us as organisational vice-president to go work for Radikale in Brussels. She has put in a lot of time for our organisation the last one and a half years, and has helped us grow and get to where we are today.

Because she had to stop, we have elected a new organisational vice president named Casper Pedersen. So we thought we should use a few lines to introduce him. Casper is the man who started our local section on Fyn. He made sure we now have a number of members on Fyn. But Casper also has a lot of experience with youth politics from before he joined us. He first became a local president in Venstres Ungdom (liberal youth) when he was 15 years old, and he has just stepped down as their speaker on European Affairs. But Casper has now changed his focus and work more with the organisational aspect of youth politics. So that is what he wants to focus on in this position for us. He also has some experience with the organisational work, and has helped write a DUF-application before.

He will do the best to come around and visit you guys, despite the job of the Organizational Vice President is more a behind the scene job.




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