The award “Nordjysk Helt for Europæisk Ungdom” has been launched in September 2015. European Youth North Denmark artist of Danish-Canadian origins, Cody Lukas Anderson ( created a painting called “Hero Loading” (that signifies the on-going struggle of ambitious people towards the final goal) for the award. The original can be found in the office of European Youth North Denmark in the International House. This award is limited-edition, as there are only 100 replicas of the painting, and more than 80 of them are yet to find their owners.

Nordjysk Helt for Europaeisk Ungdom

Among the recipients of the award, two groups can be distinguished:

  • Speakers/Personalities that have honored us with their presence at one of our events
  • Members of European Youth Northern Denmark which have distinguished themselves through their dedication for the organization

The leadership of European Youth Northern Denmark decides the recipients of the award.

Until June 2016, the following people have received the award

  • Lasse Frimand Jensen


    The first recipient of the award, has been our member Lasse Frimand Jensen, local councilman in Aalborg. His dedication and interest for the conditions of the EU-citizens in Aalborg and the support offered for the development of European Youth North Denmark have earned him this award.

  • Thomas Kastrup-Larsen


    Thomas Kastrup-Larsen, mayor of Aalborg, has received this award as thanks for his speech at our #DemoSquare event and for steering the city of Aalborg towards a proper cosmopolitan metropole

  • Stine Bosse


    Two amazing speeches (on Gender Equality and Europe) plus a strong support for the organization have earned Stine Bosse the award and our everlasting respect. We see her as our patron and close friend.

  • Rose Sloth Hansen

    Rose Sloth Hansen

    Rose Sloth Hansen, member of City Council Aalborg and European Youth North, has received her award due to her Gender Equality speech and strong support for the organization.

  • Asser Mortensen


    Asser Mortensen, a long-term member of European Youth North Denmark and honorary consul of Republic of Moldova in Denmark, has received this award due to his dedication for promoting European Union in the region of Northern Denmark.

  • Tore Knakkergård


    Tore Knakkergård, has dedicated a lot of time for youth organizations in North Denmark and therefore deserves our recognition. He is a member of European Youth North Denmark.

  • Orla Hav


    Orla Hav is a Danish member of the Parliament and close friend of the organization. He has been our distinguished Europe Day 2016 speaker and travel companion in our Tour De Nord campaign.

  • Christian Korsgaard


    A young member of the City Council Aalborg and European Youth North, he has distinguished himself in his defense of the small communities and desire to kickstart space research in Nordjylland

  • Morten Ryom


    Morten Ryom, has been an inspiring speaker at our General Assembly 2015 and his words about Europe, has just about earned his award.

  • Thomas Hav

    thomas hav

    Thomas Hav, member of Regional Council Nordjylland and European Youth North has earned his award due to his pro-EU views in the Region Council.

  • Henrik Nielsen


    Henrik Nielsen, former president of European Youth Aarhus, earned his award with an amazing speech at our General Assembly 2015.

  • Margrethe Vestager


    During her visit in Aalborg in November 2015, we awarded EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager for her service.

  • Lise Rolandsen Agustin

    ihnd 1100

    Expert on Gender Equality, Lise Rolandsen Agustin has impressed us at the #Gender2016 event.

  • Mette Frederiksen


    Although Mette Frederiksen has taken a tough stance on EU lately, she has kept the party on a pro-EU line in the past and we hope that when it matters she will make again the right decision.

  • Jens Boe Andersen

    Jens Boe Andersen

    Jens Boe Andersen, vice-president of Europa Movement Denmark, has kept us a spectacular talk on the topic of Brexit.


You can be the next winner of the award. All you have to do, is to dedicate yourself for the development of European Youth Northern Denmark.