photo for website v2 Picture for website photo for website v4 photo for website v3European Youth Northern Denmark (Europæisk Ungdom Nordjylland)

We are a youth, non-partisan, non-profit, idea-driven, value-based organization that promotes and protects the European values in Northern Denmark.

  • Youth (we have mainly members between 16 and 35 years old)
  • Non-partisan (we do not represent any political side)
  • Non-profit (we are based on volunteer contribution)
  • Value-based (we rally around the six values of European Union – democracy, liberty, equality, rule of law, respect of human rights, respect of human dignity)
  • Idea-driven (we are a platform of discussion, where we look for ways to improve the actual state of the European Union)

As we are a platform of development for the youth in Northern Denmark. The organization has developed several segments through the contribution of our members. Thanks to the pooled time, experience and involvement of our members, the organization has grown increasingly complex and it offers a whole experience, where almost everyone can find its place.


The core activity of the organization is to create space for the youth to develop new ideas or discuss existing ideas related to the European Union.

  • Debate platform on EU (We consider that the state of the European Union today is not perfect, and that we can work together to find ways to improve it and make it better for its citizens)
  • Cross-political platform for discussion (Although we are non-partisan, we welcome political youth to join the organization and use it as platform where they can connect around ideas that transcend political rivalries)
  • Network for pro-European Union supporters (We are the official representatives of the pro-European youth in Northern Denmark)
  • Gathering space for young federalists (As the organization has been created by federalists in first place, over 40 years ago, they still represent an important segment for the organization; We are the only organization where young federalists can find fellow like-minded peers)


EU Career

Youth interested in having a career in a European institution/agency, has an advantage from being a member due to:

  • Access to information related to EU (As it is a platform for discussion and debate on the European Union, a lot of actual issues are being examined at length, and that gives the member a lot of useful insight on the inner working of the EU)
  • Access to opportunities (jobs/internships) in EU (Danish representatives in European institutions/agencies, often, directly advertise job/internship openings to our members)
  • Access to the College of Europe (Our mother organization, Europa Movement Denmark selects every year, two-three young people to go and study (fully covered) at the College of Europe)
  • Chance to develop an organizational career (There are several levels of the organization; We represent the regional level; As a member of our regional organization you are entitled to pursue national level positions, European Level positions and European Youth Forum {the highest institution representing youth in Europe} positions)
  • Perfect development place for EU/International Studies Students (As a student of European Studies/International Studies you need every advantage you can get to be better prepared for the job market, and by being an active part of our organization you can develop that advantage)


Euro Clubs

Although our headquarters are in Aalborg, we provide experiences for the youth in the whole region. The euro clubs are micro sections with the sole purpose of providing debate/discussion platform for EU-interested youth.

  • Euro Club Nykobing Mors


Traveling across EU

As a pro-European organization, we have access to special deals on traveling around the European Union. We encourage all of our members, to use this opportunity as often as possible.

  • Access to bi-monthly newsletter “Opportunity News” (Our international officer, gathers info on conferences/events/seminars/summits around the world, where our members can have their entire participation cost-free, or at least their traveling costs fully covered)
  • Access to themed conferences/events/seminars hosted at sister organizations in Europe (As we are part of a network of 35 national organizations, our members have direct access to all of their events, with 70% of the traveling costs always being covered)
  • Chance to broaden horizons and network across whole Europe (By participating at events around the Union, youth in Northern Denmark will be part of ambitious, future leaders of Europe networks and see with their own eyes the benefits of being together, and not apart)
  • Chance for self-development (Ambitious, young leaders with potential from Northern Denmark have a huge chance for improving their knowledge and skills, by communicating with peers from other European countries)



All the inputs and opportunities we create are thanks to the volunteer work of our members. Many of our members wish to volunteer (many for the first time in their lives) in order to do something meaningful that can affect positively the local society.

  • Short term (One day events) – Every month we organize big events, where we invite personalities to speak to our members. Due to the high volume of work, member’s contribution is welcomed and necessary.
  • Long term (tours; campaigns) – Depending on the topic at hand, we organize tours (for example, Tour De Nord, which took us all around Nordjylland promoting the Referendum on 3 December, or Tour De Britain, when we going to go for a week to help our sister organization in there) to promote issues important to our organization core values, and campaigns to fight to fair causes like freedom of movement in EU, freedom of speech in EU, and democracy in Belarus.



Besides being a platform for development for the youth, we are also a community where our members can find friendship and even love, at hand.

  • Monthly Member Meetings – Every month a call is made for all the members to join a meeting where a certain topic of their interest is being discussed and social activities are being pursued.
  • Monthly Events (where a high-caliber personality is invited) – We strive to create every month a special event, where a high-level personality is invited to speak, and we give our members chance to communicate and network with the guest.
  • Access to a public Facebook group – Once you become a member, you get access to our internal group where all updates, opportunities and valuable information are being shared.


Member Clubs

Besides our core activities, every week we have a lot of other activities which might not be directly related to EU, but to the development of our members. They are created and run by members.

  • Future Leaders Guild (for members interested in leadership) – Their aim is to prepare youth from Northern Denmark to take on higher responsibility roles in their future and guide them on the path of transformational leadership. The goal is to create well-rounded future nordjysk leaders that can challenge youth from Copenhagen for top-level positions.
  • Arts Committee (network for local artist’s members of European Youth) – Their aim is to create a link between the local society and young talented local artists, with the final goal being to create ever-lasting public works for art while promoting local talent. Also, they learn how to better use the funding opportunities from EU for theirs and society’s sake.
  • European Film Club (network for film makers) – Their aim is to create a strong film scene in Aalborg, where film making is encouraged. One major project they are working on is European Film Festival Aalborg 2017. Also, they wish to create a youtube channel, through which EU information can be easier transmitted towards the younger segments of the population.
  • Urban Development Club (network for urban development enthusiasts) – Their aim is to have influence on the city development in Aalborg, and use grassroots knowledge in getting better solutions for the sake of the local society.
  • Project/Life/Business Coaching Group (training classes in this field for our members) – Their aim is to offer important coaching training for our members, providing them with support in their own initiatives.
  • Climate Change & Sustainability Committee (for green activists) – Their aim is to unite the Green movements in Aalborg under one powerful umbrella, which wishes to take on bigger tasks at head. Their final goal is to implement the direction set at COP21 in Paris in Northern Denmark.
  • Creative Writing Club (for writers) – Their aim is to create a support network for wannabe writers in Northern Denmark, by providing workshops and place for networking.
  • Wine & Etiquette Club (socializing space) – Their aim is to create a socialization space for our members, where every second Friday they can relax and enjoy each other’s company, while learning new skills, critical for future leaders.
  • Debate & Public Speaking Club (great for members interested in argumentation, public speaking) – Their aim is to create a debate team able to represent Aalborg in European competitions and provide public speaking training for our members.


Legacy Projects

As active members of our local society, we strongly desire to make our ever-lasting contribution to it through different projects that will benefit the whole or certain parts of the local population. Through this projects we want to prove that European Union has direct benefit for the local society, as we believe action trumps words.

  • Arts District Norresundby – We want to revitalize the downtown area of Aalborg (also called Norresundby), by using the concept of cultural economy (concept used in other cities to revitalize downtown areas). Through it we want to create an Arts District, composed of a European House of Art, an Experience Street and a lot of street art around them.
  • European Film Festival Aalborg 2017 – We want to use European funds to create a huge film festival in Aalborg that will put the city on the European map of filmography. Through this project, we want to motivate young people to take the path of filmography and create a durable film scene in Aalborg.
  • Charlemagne Youth Prize 2017 – We want through our project “Re-Discover Europe” to win the Charlemagne Youth Prize 2017 and bring it for the first time in Denmark. We want the efforts of our members to be recognized on European level. During the “Re-Discover Europe” project, you will be able to participate in a “United in Diversity” Parade, a Danish Youth Leader’s Summit, a European Street Party and other amazing events.
  • Aalborg European Green Capital 2020 – We have a group of eco-activists that believe Aalborg can do a lot more in terms of sustainability and transition towards full green energy, and therefore the city should aim to become European Green Capital 2020, in order to attract extra EU funds to assist in this struggle.

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