Travel report from Henrik Magnusson

Event: Federal Committee (FC)

Sted: Krakow, Poland

Host: JEF Poland, JEF Europe

EUD Participants: Henrik Magnusson, Marcus Duch, Uriah Oschlag, Monika Elend (FC), Narcis George Matache, Kevin Broby (EB)

The meaning with the JEF’s Federal Committees (FC) is to debate and decide on JEF Europe’s policies and news and updates about activities and finances in JEF Europe. The main parts of the FC’s are, on the first day financial report and Executive Board updates are given, on the second day the resolutions are debated in the policy committees (PC). They are debated sentence-by-sentence or section-by-section and anyone can amend the details. In the end, the PC votes about what becomes that particular PCs ‘recommendation’ for the Federal Committee. During the evening the Executive Board gives their amendments. On the following day, the delegates vote about adopting or rejecting the resolutions.

As we came six people from JEF Denmark there was a great vibe about the event, as well among ourselves as the FC as a whole. It was good opportunity for some of us to get to know each other better and, thus, bring our association closer together. Besides the mandatory nights out in the bars, which is usually great fun with JEF, it was very delighting to meet (and of course also approve) the new general secretary of JEF Europe. I think he seemed to have a very positive character, and an, indeed, interesting CV with studies in sports and European integration. I’m excited about what such personality will bring to JEF. The voting procedure on the resolutions during the last became super long. JEF’s procedure is made so that first they go through the amendments and comments from the Executive Board, and then they proceed not to voting, but with other kind of features. In the end when we were finally going to vote on the resolutions every it was made so, that you first vote for or against the resolutions as a whole (with amendments) and if one delegate objects, then you have to go through all amendments – which takes a lot of time. The Danish delegates, Uriah and myself, were appointed tellers during the whole event. Unfortunately, someone objected almost every single resolution so we had to go through every amendment. JEF DK objected one resolution on grounds that the resolution was too vague and unstructured. In the end it was still approved.

All in all, it was a nice FC and I hope to see as many interested members on the next FC.