Guide and rules to the Golden Pen 2017 Competition                                          17. August – 1. December



1. Writing articles for Danish media?

2. Topics?

3. Activities?

4. Prizes?

5. Point System?

6. Where to publish?

Writing articles for Danish media?

Most newspapers in Denmark has a section called “DEBAT” at the end of the newspaper, where readers can publish their own opinions on diverse subjects. The national newspapers, have less space for it, and the competition to get published is harder, and therefore chances to get in are smaller. However, the regional/local newspapers, have plenty of space for it, and it is almost a guarantee you are going to get published.

There are typically, two types of articles that are published in the “DEBAT” section. First type, is letter to the editor “Læserbreve”, which typically goes between 100 and 350 words. This type has the highest chance of approval, as there are more than one per day published. In this type of article, you need to choose one main point, or message that you try to send to the readers, and use 1-3 arguments to deliver that message. You need to be able to summarize your letter to the editor in a single sentence with 3 lines, to make sure you focused on one point only.

Structure – Headline, message, 1-3 arguments, message again with a strong ending.

The second type of article is a “Kronik”, which typically goes between 500 and 1000 words. This type has less chance of approval, as there is usually only one published daily. In this type of article, you can choose a topic and really go in depth with it.

Remember to send the articles in Danish (they don’t publish in English), and if you wrote in English make sure someone from the organization helps you to translate it.

When you send the mail with the article remember to add under the title: your name, position (if no position – just member of Europæisk Ungdom (insert your section name) ), address, e-mail and a small picture.

It is important that you write your position or that you are a member of Europæisk Ungdom, as I need that for our scanner to find your article and thus for me to be able to give you points in the competition. If you have something published in your name, but the name of the organization does not appear, please let me know, so I can add your points. 

2. Topics

To participate in the competition, you need to choose a message related to Europe, the EU and/or Europæisk Ungdom. For inspiration, please have a look at our adopted political program at the National General Assembly 2017, which contains our positions on Brexit, Refugee Crisis, Freedom of Movement, situation in Ukraine etc. It can be found here:

Also, fostering a European Identity is part of our Principles program, and therefore always a fresh subject to talk about. Besides these subjects, consider Federalism as a subject you can write about, as there is very little on this subject known by the general Danish population. For our stance on Federalism, check our pan-European network, JEF paper –

3. Activities? 

To encourage members of your regional/local section to write their opinions on the diverse subjects offered, it is suggested to organize the following type of activities.

  1. Article Writing Workshop at the Board Meeting that you will host in this period – put up 30-45 minutes for it – great way to get everyone in the board to write something
  2. Article Writing Workshop for members – Gather members, make a presentation on how and what about to write, and then get productive ☺


4. Prizes?

The competition includes two prizes. One for the most active local section and a “Golden Feather” award for the single member that gathers the most points. Besides the honor and prestige, there will be a surprise award for the member with the most points. The “Golden Pen” is rewarded to the local section that gathers the most points – besides the honor of the award, there will be a monetary award of 2000 danish kroner, along with another surprise award.

5. Point System?

Point System – for the “Golden Feather” competition (where one member can win)

  • 1 point for a læserbreve/letter to the editor published
  • 3 points for a ”kronik” published
  • 1 additional point for being published in a local or regional newspaper
  • 3 additional points for being published in a national newspaper
  • 1 point extra is awarded for each day in a row something is published in your name
  • 1 point extra is awarded each time you get something published in a new paper (in which you haven’t published something earlier)


Point System – for the “Golden Pen” competition (where one regional/local section can win)

  • All the points gathered by the members of each local section will added together counted for a total local section total number of points
  • Multiple people writing a single piece together is allowed and encouraged, but the amount of points earned cannot exceed the amount of points a single person getting published would receive, for the respective piece.
  • For each published piece, Southern Denmark, Zealand and Fyn gains double the amount of points initially awarded to make up for the lower number of members in these sections.
  • If every member of the board is published at some point during the competition – the local section receives 6 points extra. A maximum of two people can be listed as authors for a single piece, however.
  • 1 point extra is awarded each time the local section has something published in a new paper (in which you haven’t published something earlier)
  • 1 point extra is awarded for each day in a row something is published from someone in the local section
  • If a section publishes a minimum of 10 articles during the competition, they receive 6 extra points


6. Where to publish?

List of National Newspapers (with e-mails and writing limits)
Berlingske Tidende  
Læserbrev 1.000 anslag
Replik 300 anslag
Opinion 2.500
Kronik 7.500 anslag (indsend også pasfoto)
Debatindlæg Max 1.000 anslag
Børsen Max 3.000 tegn
Læserbreve 100 ord
Debatindlæg  Max. 600 anslag
Læserbrev 1.000 anslag
Påtale 3.000 anslag
Kronik 8.000 anslag
Kort sagt   Max. 60 ord
Læserbreve   Max. 150 ord
Debatindlæg Max. 350 ord
Midtpunkt   Max. 500 ord
Kronikker   Max. 1.300 ord
Kristeligt Dagblad  
Læserbreve 900 anslag
Debatindlæg 3.500 anslag
Kronik 8.000 anslag
Debatindlæg 100 ord
Læserbrev 100 ord
Debatindlæg 400 ord
Kronik 2.200 ord
Debatindlæg 5.000 anslag
Kronik max 8.000 anslag
Ord – words             anslag – letters
List of regional/local newspapers
Dagbladet (Køge, Ringsted og Roskilde)  Max. 400 ord
De Bergske Blade (Holstebro og Struer Dagblad)  Læserbreve 250 ord Synspunkt-artikler 800 ord
De Bergske Blade (Ringkøbing og Skjern Dagblad)  Læserbreve 250 ord Synspunkt-artikler 800 ord
Flensborg Avis  3000 anslag
Frederiksborg Amts Avis  Debatindlæg  450 ord Kronik  8000 anslag
Fyens stiftstidende  Læserbreve 300 ord Synspunkt 500 ord Kronik 1200 ord
Herning Folkeblad (formalia ikke oplyst)
Holbæk Amts Venstreblad  Læserbreve Ikke oplyst (kort)
Horsens Folkeblad  1/2-1 A4-side
Hvidovre Avis (formalia ikke oplyst)
Ikast Avis (formalia ikke oplyst)
Jyske Vestkysten  Synspunkt 250 ordDebatindlæg max 500 ord
Kalundborg Folkeblad  Læserbreve 300 ord
Lolland-Falsters Folketidende 1.600 anslag
Midtjyllands Avis (formalia ikke oplyst)
Morsø Folkeblad (formalia ikke oplyst)
Nordjyske Stiftstidende  Synspunkt ca. 3000 anslag Læserbreve max. 3000 anslag
Randers Amts Avis (formalia ikke oplyst)
Sjællandske Medier (tidl. Sjællands og Næstved Tidende) Læserbreve 200 ord
Skive Folkeblad (formalia ikke oplyst)
Vejle Amts Folkeblad & Fredericia Dagblad ikke oplyst
Viborg Stift (formalia ikke oplyst)
Århus Stiftstidende  Debatindlæg 200 ord