“European Youth Think Tank” is an entity of European Youth Denmark, tasked with the purpose of creating EU debate inside the organization and influence the EU debate outside the organization. Its entire functioning is based on volunteer work and its outputs free to use.

The idea of a volunteer-based think tank will free the entity of spending resources into acquiring funding and the budget debates that follow. The entire work-intensity will be focused on creating various outputs.

The point of being a “think tank” is due to the cross-political nature of our organization which forces us to find ideas for EU betterment that fit the political radar of all of our political family, and therefore internal debate is strongly needed as ideas based on individual-suggestion cannot fit our cross-political character.

Structure / Function

The Think Tank is composed of 3 units – Political Officer’s Unit, Policy Unit and Media Unit.

Political Officer’s Unit – It is formed by one political officer from each local section plus their deputies. The mandate of a political officer runs from one local General Assembly to the next one.

Policy Unit – It is formed by Rapporteurs/Ordforer’s assigned by the Political Vice-President from the current membership base. The mandate of a rapporteur runs from moment of assignment until the National General Assembly.

Media Unit – It is formed by volunteers with capabilities in journalism and social media.

The three units will be located in the digital space and operate across the whole of Denmark, under the supervision of the Political Vice-President.