Europæisk Ungdom er en tværpolitisk ungdomsorganisation, som arbejder for at øge forståelsen og interessen for Den Europæiske Union blandt unge i Danmark.

Organisationen er drevet af unge og organisationens aktiviteter bliver for størstedelens vedkommende til på basis af en ulønnet indsats fra medlemmernes side. Aktiviteterne er alt fra kurser og debatarrangementer over studieture til en aktiv læserbrevsproduktion.

Politisk spænder medlemmerne vidt på den politiske venstre-højre skala, ligesom vi repræsenterer alt fra skeptiske EU-tilhængere til føderalister. Fælles er dog, at vi alle tror på, at det europæiske samarbejde er nødvendigt for at kunne løse mange af nutidens globale problemer.

Praktisk information

1. Kontingentet er sat til 100 kr pr. år og betales over PBS efter første indmeldelse.

2. Vedtægter kan findes her – http://euro.dk/vedtaegter/

3. Refusionsblanketter for hhv. rejser og generelle omkostninger kan findes her



Andreas Høstgaard Poulsen

Johan Thostrup
Politisk Næstformand

Annette Klaaborg
Organisatorisk Næstformand

Executive Board

Nikolaj Kornerup
International Sekretær

Patrick Løvenskjold von Wildenradt

Signe Ivens de Carvalho

Christiane Elise From

Simon Fabrin

Local Presidency - Aarhus

Anders Stistrup Markussen

Pernille Lundby Dokkedal
Politisk næstformand

Mikkel Kristensen
Organisatorisk næstformand

Local Presidency - Fyn

Amina Nørgård

Thereza Smidt

Local Presidency - København

Magnus Orstrand

Caroline Rebien

Local Presidency - Nordjylland

Laima Liepinytė

Gabriel Apetrei

Local Presidency - Sjælland

Lucas Bjergskov Larsen

Elise Sydendal

Local Presidency - Syd

Mai Poulsen

Arne Hollstein

Local Presidency - International (Frederiksberg)

Caroline Morales

Peter Gøransson

Local Sections


Click the facebook logo above to go to our facebook site. Local President Anders Stistrup Markussen.

In Aarhus local section we have a unique social community, where the mood is always good and so the motivation for saving the EU! We host regularly debates, seminars, social events for our members, where we gather around the importance of international corporation and discuss current EU-topics. We are more than 100 local members, and you can be sure to meet many bright and interesting people amongst us.

If you are a member of our local section, or just interested in our association, you are always welcome to contact our local president or our Facebook page. On Facebook you can see our upcoming events and find our member group!

We hope to see you!


Click the facebook logo above to go to our facebook site. Local President Amina Nørgård.


Click the facebook logo above to go to our facebook site. Local President Magnus Orstrand.

In European Youth Copenhagen you can find a great the European community! We arrange a variety of events, such as visits at embassies, presentations, debates, study trips, parties and other social activities. You are very welcome to stop by an event or two, to see whether our organization is something for you!

As member you are able to both participate and contribute in the planning of our events. We have a flat structure in our association, which enables you to be a part of our work from day one!
We look forward to meeting you!


Click the facebook logo above to go to our facebook site. Local President Narcis George Matache & Gabriel Apetrei.

Hey, you, weird person interested in Europe and all its nuts bolts

We know it might be hard to find likeminded people, but fear not, European Youth Northern-Jutland has got your back. In this subsidiary organization of JEF, you will find all kinds of activities that juuust might be up your alley. We cover a whole range of topics regarding issues in the European Union, and its role in the world, and perhaps most importantly, in your local area. You do NOT have to be politically interested because we offer, a community of openminded and fun people to hang out with. Come and meet them, then have some fun in one of our many social events, throughout the year. If you ARE interested in political work, why not join our team EU-Geeks and get engaged in debates and enhance your political-communication skills. There is something for everyone here, so keep an eye out on our SoMe platforms, and who knows, you might find an event you like!

Finally, if you are interested in board-work, and want to be the future of the organization, contact the presidents, or, through our Facebook page, and let’s have a discussion.

United in Diversity

Your local European Youth section


Click the facebook logo above to go to our facebook site. Local President Lucas Bjergskov Larsen.

European Youth Sjælland is a local section with its primary home in Roskilde. We host events regarding current EU-topics, such as debates or workshops, more or less once a month. We also put a lot of energy into arranging social activities for our members – especially our Christmas lunch is a great success.

All members are always welcome at our activities, and sometimes we also host public events, where it is possible to bring a friend or two. We have a small, but active board with many good ideas! We are always open for more and hope to see you!


Click the facebook logo above to go to our facebook site. Local President Mai Poulsen.

European Youth South (EUS) is a local section in an international environment. Our members are from all over the world – some in high school, some at university and others working. We have our main ground in Sønderborg, where we have a close corporation with other youth organizations. In EUS there is always something happening.

During the year we host many different events and activities, such as debates, seminars, wine tasting and movie nights.

We look forward to seeing you!