“Aalborg without borders” Matchmaking program

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“Aalborg without borders” Matchmaking program, is an initiative by European Youth Northern Denmark and Frit Forum Aalborg, with the purpose to eliminate the mental borders between the Danish Local Society and the International Local Society.

In the past 5 years, with the arrival of the Internationals (Students, Workers, Job-Seekers) in Aalborg, a new “alternative” local society has been formed with English-language at its base. This meant that instead of having an inclusive local society where Danes and internationals co-exist, two “parallel societies” have been formed.

Therefore, to put the first “brick” towards the creation of an inclusive society where Danes and Internationals co-exist, this initiative will try to bring together the Danes from Frit Forum Aalborg and the Danes and Internationals from European Youth North.

By creating links between members of both organizations, we hope to make an impact on the local society.

The matchmaking has no formal framework, or established goals. The link shall be seen as “social”. The matched members, will participate in various social events based on the interests they share. The social events don’t have to be organized by Frit Forum Aalborg or European Youth North. The matched members, decide how much time they want to spend together and how often to meet. There will be no supervision on it.

The process is very easy. All you have to do is to complete a google form link, with all your interests, and then wait until we find someone with similar interests, and then we will share his/her contact to you. You can then organize the first meeting, and take it further from there.

The final purpose is to have Internationals join Danish social circles, and Danes join International social circles. Considering the current state of the politics in Denmark, the more Danes manage to interact with Internationals the better opinion they will have about multiculturalism and its benefits on the local society. In the same way, the more Internationals see Danes as part of their social circles, the more included they will feel in the local society.

Examples of “social” activities – going together to parties, house parties, gatherings, receptions, family dinners, friend’s dinners, shared interest’s activities etc.

https://goo.gl/forms/QZGfhDyqjVNxFa2l1 – the google form link

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